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Polaris is an open source policy engine for Kubernetes

Polaris is an open source policy engine for Kubernetes that validates and remediates resource configuration. It includes 30+ built in configuration policies, as well as the ability to build custom policies with JSON Schema. When run on the command line or as a mutating webhook, Polaris can automatically remediate issues based on policy criteria.

Polaris can be run in three different modes:

  • As a dashboard - Validate Kubernetes resources against policy-as-code.
  • As an admission controller - Automatically reject or modify workloads that don't adhere to your organization's policies.
  • As a command-line tool - Incorporate policy-as-code into the CI/CD process to test local YAML files.

    Polaris Architecture

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If you're interested in running Polaris in multiple clusters, tracking the results over time, integrating with Slack, Datadog, and Jira, or unlocking other functionality, check out Fairwinds Insights (opens new window), a platform for auditing and enforcing policy in Kubernetes clusters.

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